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For years I’ve been carrying sketchbooks around with me and drawing things about life and humanity that I find funny and inspiring. Most of these are comics. I hope you’ll stick around and laugh, ponder, and feel inspired by the nonsense that we are.

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Why God Won't Help Us

Why God Won’t Help Us

| Sketchbooks | No Comments

I was at the pet store today, buying food for my cat and noticed an older lady speaking to one of the employees about the kind of food she should buy for her cat. She was very concerned about buying only the best food for her animal. I felt a…

The Life of a Freelancer

The Life of a Freelancer

| Sketchbooks | No Comments

Let’s be clear, there are a bajillion things that are awesome about being a freelancer! However, this kind of stuff happens waaaay too often. As a full-time freelancer I deal with a lot of payment drama. It’s ridiculous because I am extremely understanding, don’t charge very much for my services,…

Don't let insecurities consume who you really are. (ft. a reader, Jenny D.)

Don’t let your insecurities define who you really are. (ft. Jenny D, a reader)

| Reader Portraits, Sketchbooks | No Comments

In other words, will you be remembered as yourself or will you be remembered as one of these words? Thank you Jenny D. for letting me use your likeness for this comic. This comic is about staying true to who you are. Don’t let insecurities consume you. We are all…

Don't Let The Moments Pass You By

Don’t Let The Moments Pass You By

| Sketchbooks | No Comments

Every moment is racing by you. There’s only one way to stop it and it’s to be present. It’s not to over-prepare or over-analyze. It’s not to obsess or cling. It’s to let go. You need to let yourself fall through time and open your eyes to the sensations around…

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