About Nonsense Thoughts

Nonsense Thoughts is a comic/art series featuring small drawings in sketchbooks. The overarching theme is “humanity” and the hilarity, darkness, and inspiration found within. More recently, Nonsense Thoughts has transitioned into a more inspirational comic about life and they way we all think/operate, but I still make some goofy comics from time to time.

The Comic

Over the years the project evolved a lot. It’s became more of a comic series than just doodles (which is how it started). After a while I experimented with typography and settled on comics. As the comics grew, so did the project, and so did I. In 2013, I created this new website to help the project grow and published a book of a little less than 100 pieces. It’s handmade by me (the artist).

Nonsense Thoughts is about humanity. I’m inspired by humans. I get my ideas from the people around me and myself. A lot of times I will make a comic about something I am working on personally.

The Artist

I’m Chris Collins. My dream is to spend my life doing creative things. Over the past 5 years I’ve been involved in a lot of creative project. My first project was The Nonsense Society, an arts blog, which has grew into a great publication and international community of artists.

I also compose music and sell it royalty-free for filmmakers as part of the project Indie Music Box. I hope to become a resource for creators who need music but don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. It makes me happy to hear my music in all kinds of different projects from many different artists.

I also write and draw the supernatural drama comic, Paranormal Petunia. It is a graphic novel in-progress, but I currently post all of it online.

Finally, I write short zen/self-help articles as part of an ongoing series called Today I Evolve. The goal of the project is to inspire readers to evolve a little bit every single day. Besides my work, I’m a big nerd. I love sci-fi, fantasy, and video games. I do lots of yoga and have a cat named Burger. I love animals, nature, and all kinds of art.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the nonsense.