Don’t spend your whole life trying to get others to have confidence in you.

Here’s a thoughtful drawing for you. I think most of us spend a long time trying to get other people to be confident in us. Their mysterious mental image of us will plague our existence forever unless we decide to forget about it and have confidence in ourselves. Chances are, they aren’t thinking about us much anyway. I can remember so many times I have tried to get others to think I’m cool or talented or whatever and it never makes a difference. It’s not like you hit a spot and say, “This is it! I’m happy. I’m confident. I can rest now.” It’s always just feeding the fire. Instead of obsessing over what other people think of you, start obsessing over what you think of you. You can make life awesome for yourself.

In the future, “artificial intelligence” will be a racial slur.

With all the social progress going on today, I often think about what the future will be like. Clearly we are heading towards a better world when it comes to gender equality, race, and sexual orientation. The people against these things are fighting a losing battle. Someday we will look at these people in the same light that we look at slave owners, for example. Still, I find it hard to believe that there will ever NOT be a social battle in our society. I bet I’ll have people telling me that I am too conservative when I am older. It’s hard to imagine, but I bet it will happen. The question I have is: What will we be fighting about in, say, 60 years? The thing that always comes to my mind is inevitably… ROBOT RIGHTS. I mean, can’t you see it? If artificial intelligence continues to grow, we will see people having romantic feelings toward their technology, jobs being replaced by technology (this already happens), and many humans will hate technology for it. (more…)

What It’s Like to Date Zooey Deschanel (featuring Andre “Dre” Muller)

SO, the story behind this: my friend and professional filmmaker, Andre Muller, asked me during a conversation to be part of my Reader Portraits series. We were talking and I mentioned drawing him with Zooey Deschanel. The topic came up after I saw his comedic short film (below) where he and a friend discuss how Zooey represents the ideal girl for many men (M.P.D.G.). Andre is a great guy and especially great for letting me do this ridiculous drawing. Be sure to check out his filmmaking and photography work on his website. (more…)

First Contact with Intelligent Alien Life

I really really want to be alive for when we make first contact with intelligent alien life, but I have to admit it’s very scary. Regardless, how are we not all freaking out all the time about the vastness of the Universe? There are countless mysteries out there, and many of us don’t even think about it. I think about it all the time! Personally, it makes me very excited to think about what could be discovered within my lifetime.

P.S. Did you notice the similarity between panel one and panel two? Just some fun foreshadowing with the glasses…