Do you believe all humans deserve happiness?

I think about this a lot when I see people who are unhappy with their circumstances. I’ve been in this boat many times. We’re so hard on ourselves. We’re often much harder on ourselves than we would ever be on someone else. I bet there are people in your life who you greatly admire, but you hold yourself to much higher standards. Maybe, next time, remember that you don’t have to be anything other than yourself to be happy. I think we’re all on the same level, regardless of circumstances. It’s how we live our lives that defines us.

Next time you feel your confidence take a hit, allow your awareness to move outside yourself. Don’t get caught up in emotion and thought. Picture what kind of advice you’d give to another person in that experience. Picture how you would feel about a friend who took that same blow. Would you think less of them? Probably not. So why should you think less of yourself?

Art With Breasts

It’s funny because it’s true! I’m willing to bet most people are like this in some capacity. Most of us are attracted to the human body, some more than others. And let’s be honest, the female form is more widely appreciated by both men and women. This became extremely clear to me when I started curating the art blog Nonsense Society. I’ve gotten hundreds (maybe even thousands at this point) of submissions from artists. The overwhelming “favorite subject matter” seems to be women and their bodies. Classics are no different. I mean, how many classic paintings are of a woman right after she takes a bath? Jeeze… That must have been all people ever thought about back then.

I’m not mad at it. I’m not annoyed at it. I think it’s hilarious how obvious it can be at times. It’s funny to me ’cause this scenario doesn’t seem that ridiculous. It seems pretty realistic to me. People love breasts. People love women’s bodies. So much so that they may greet famous works of art with a “Hm” and move on to the ones with boobs. I can’t blame them that much. I think we all do this in some way, even if we deny it. Hopefully this comic will make some of you giggle and realize when you are doing this. (more…)

Exciting new things on the horizon for Nonsense Thoughts!

Hello nonsensical people! I am excited to announce that I will soon be done with the first printed volume of Nonsense Thoughts. It will be hand made, affordable, and will help support me as an artist. Soon I hope to be taking this project to crazy new levels. If you like Nonsense Thoughts, please think about buying a copy. I’ll sign it and mail it right to your door!

I’m also working on a brand new website for the series. The tumblr will still be updated (don’t worry), but the new website will be a lot better. I’m really anxious to finish it. I think you will all like it just as much as I do. Stay tuned for updates about that.

Anyway, I am going to take my own advice from yesterday and concentrate fully on finishing these two developments. That means there will be a short break from new Nonsense Thoughts for a few weeks (hopefully less than that). Please be patient (and also excited) because the new Nonsense Thoughts will be better than ever before.

I need to slow down.

This is something we all should keep in mind. I see so many people (myself included) running around day to day and forgetting to live. How many times have you gotten up, went to work, came home to more work, and gone to sleep stressed? Is it more often that way than not? I think the answer is yes for many people. Don’t forget how precious your time is. Don’t forget how amazing it can be to stop, relax, and have some time for you. It could change your life.

Love as Much as Possible (featuring Ivy)

I was contacted a while ago by a reader named Ivy. She sent in her picture, asked to be put in a Nonsense Thought, and said this about herself:

“My name is Ivy and I try my best to love everyone who deserves it. “

I thought it was a great goal to have in life. She also mentioned this quote by Andrea Gibson:

“In the end, I want my heart to be covered in stretch marks.”

Drawing this was very inspiring for me. I think about this kind of thing a lot. I see so many people ranting and raving day to day about whatever stinks in their life. They constantly complain about the people in their lives, the government, and their current situation. I’m definitely included in this group.

I guess it doesn’t make sense to me. If we want life to be happy and peaceful, why do we live turbulent lives? Why do we concentrate on the bad stuff when we could be making our own world better? We’re fighting against what we want.

In the case of Ivy, she’s decided to live in a world full of love. That means practicing love every single day. You have to admire her for that.

P.S. The art in the background is a WIP by Hannah.