The Benefits of Crystal Healing

While I don’t believe in the benefits, I love the idea of crystal healing/therapy. How could you not? Crystals! Imagine a doctor coming up to you and asking: “Do want to swallow these large, uncomfortable pills every day OR do you want to use these miraculous crystals?” Who would pick anything else? Honestly, it sounds great.

I can remember a time during childhood where I would have embraced the idea of crystal healing in a second. I mean, crystals LOOK magical and all. It’s sad that most of us lose that belief in wonder. Now that I’m 26, I wouldn’t throw away my perspective and intelligence, but I do wish I still had more of that sense of wonder and possibility.

This comic perfectly portrays what my child mind might imagine after using crystals. You simply place the glowing crystals on your body overnight and wake up free of illness, incredibly buff, and have some sort of crystal-related superpower like these indestructible crystal arms. Or you could just take a pill that makes you drowsy. It’s your call..

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