What An Alien Dinner Conversation Might Look Like

What An Alien Dinner Conversation Might Look Like

WARNING: This is disturbing. I think about this kind of thing from time to time. You can probably tell if you’ve read all of my comics. I like to think about how aliens might view humans if they met us (and vice versa). Check out this comic I did (which is very similar) and this one from a while ago. It’s apparently an ongoing theme in my mind. I also named my book “Lost Memories of Earthlings”, which is telling…

Basically, I think aliens would be afraid or worried about us. We are indeed “highly unstable”, as this comic claims. It’s also pretty messed up that we put ourselves higher than every other species on our planet. What makes our intelligence “better” than everything else? Why do we have more of a right to live than other animals? I think it’s very possibly that aliens would look at all the species on Earth and deem us the “problem species”. They would probably feel great sadness about how we enslave and slaughter countless helpless animals and still put ourselves higher than all of them. I’m willing to bet that a truly intelligent race would respect cows, pigs, and chickens more than humans. If not that, at least just as much (which is something we don’t do).

What makes it even sadder is our potential. I picture these aliens being in awe at our music and art, and crying about our reckless hate. I picture them trying to intervene in how we have been at fault, only to find us attacking them out of fear and pride. It’s a sad possibility. A wild possibility, but a possibility nonetheless. The good news is, we can turn things around. We can become more ethical every day and learn from the wrongs we’ve done before. Don’t waste a day if you can help it.

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