The 4 Types of Dudes at the Gym

In my experience there are four types of guys who go to the gym. First, there are the guys who go to work out. God bless them. They are using their gym membership in the way it was originally intended and usually respect the boundaries of others. Second, are the guys who go to stare at girls. Sometimes there is an overlap with the first kind of guy here, but these guys will go out of their way to work out in front of or near girls that they find attractive. I constantly see dudes making “the rounds” and it’s so obvious what they are doing. Staring. Keep it in your pants dude…

Anyway, don’t let me forget the guys who go to the gym to stare at their reflection. Let’s be clear, this doesn’t go for just guys. What makes it suddenly okay to stand wide-eyed inches in front of the mirror, staring at your own body once you enter the gym? It’s hilarious. I constantly see people at the gym making faces, flexing, posing, and staring at their own reflection for FAR too long. The final type of guy I have noticed is the guy who likes to spend a ridiculous amount of time naked in the locker room. There is no reason whatsoever that this person needs to be naked for that long. More importantly, there’s no need for him to strike up awkward conversations in the nude when you are trying to get changed. You will see this guy (naked) almost every single time you go to the gym, but you never seem to see him working out. I don’t know what this guy is all about, but he sure likes to weigh himself, wash his hands, and walk around the locker room talking to people with his giblets hanging out.

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