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Life Is Like a Video Game (Reader Portrait of Senka Mušić)

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  • January 6, 2014
Life is Like a Video Game

I’ve been behind on doing reader portraits, but I’d like to start doing more. I heard from Senka Mušić (also an artist) asking to be drawn.

“Hi there! I would love to be drawn by you! My name is Senka and I love design, photography, music and video games!”

I decided to go with the video game theme. The last panel in this comic is Senka. If you’d like to submit your photo for a chance to be in a drawing, please do so here!

About Chris Collins

For years I've been carrying sketchbooks around with me and drawing things about life and humanity that I find funny and inspiring. I want to make people laugh and think with my comics. I also compose music for films, write modern zen articles, and organize art projects with hundreds of artists around the world. In my free time I'm usually geeking around and hanging with my cat, Burger. To find out more about me you can visit my website.

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